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30-Day Non-Production Use Evaluation Software

Install a sandbox environment to experience the capabilities of our products:

  • DataCore™ SANsymphony™ Software-Defined Storage
  • DataCore™ Hyperconverged Virtual SAN  

Use this installer to provision highly available virtual disks from redundant DataCore nodes using familiar tools on your Windows Server or Linux server.

Trial configuration diagram
Figure 1 – Trial configuration

The self-contained trial package deploys four virtual machines on your virtualization host (see Figure 1):

  • 2 DataCore VMs (hvsan1 & hvsan2) operating as hyperconverged (HCI) nodes serving capacity to:
  • 1 Windows host VM (winclient) connected via iSCSI
  • 1 Linux host VM (linuxclient) connected via iSCSI
  • Data replicated between the DataCore nodes using synchronous mirroring for high availability
  • LAN connections between nodes for centralized management

Trial Prerequisites:

  • Virtualization host: VMware vSphere ESXi or Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V
  • Memory: Minimum of 12 GB of free RAM
  • Storage: Minimum of 170 GB of free disk space
  • Network: Internet access to download the VM templates
  • PC or VM supporting VMware PowerCLI or Windows PowerShell with network access to the virtualization host where the trial configuration will be deployed. The installation/configuration script is launched from this machine.

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